Posted by Thorsten Muehlnickel,
on January 07, 2002 at 19:26

I read some of you have the same problem with the cardphone 2 an XP that I had.

Here is a possible way to solve the problem.

1. Install the 2000 software on your pc
ignore the errormessage that there is no cardphone and continue.

2. reboot
3. insert the cardphone into the pcmcia slot and install the standard cardphone modem with microsofts standard drivers

4. Install the 2000 modem drivers for the 6210 cellphone

5. remove the cardphone
6. reboot
7. start the device mangager and remove the standard pcmcia modem
8. insert the cardphone - an wizzard appers an now you can install manual the cardhone drivers. (use existing drivers and select Card Phone 2.0)