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    QT app doesnt launch on S60 3rd Edition FP2


    Initially my app was a single exe which was perfectly working well with the 3rd edition devices.

    I separated the Engine functionalities into a dll and the App has stopped working now. I suspect the lib/dll is not getting loaded at all. Though it works well with S60 5th ed & S^3.

    The PRO has the following - LIBS += -lavkon -lcone -leikcore -lefsrv -lapparc -lapgrfx

    Any inputs/pointers would be highly appreciated !!

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    Re: QT app doesnt launch on S60 3rd Edition FP2


    The version of the installed Qt binaries are different in Series 60 5th edition and S^3 and Series 60 3rd edition:


    Since your app as an exe worked for 3rd edition the assumption is that APIs expected to be compatible.

    More details on pro and mmp files, for example one before and one after the dll separation may able to help guiding you more accurately.

    For example, you may need CONFIG += staticlib or else. Just please give an update when something had helped.

    Technically you could use the dll as simple as seen in the QT SDK examples and demos:


    However pointing you towards these threads may not hurt:


    You are Welcome!

    (V) - A Denevér
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