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    QML Text element with Text.AlignJustify


    I need to create a Text element with fully justified text. According to 4.7 Snapshot docs Text.AlignJustify is a valid value for Text.horizontalAlignment. But this does not appear in 4.7 Latest docs.

    The latest Qt Creator (2.2.1) seems to know about Text.AlignJustify but when it is specified as the value for Text.horizontalAlignment, I get the error: Unable to assign [undefined] to int horizontalAlignment.

    When will this option become available?

    Also I don't think I fully understand the difference between the "snapshot" docs and "latest", what is the difference?


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    Re: QML Text element with Text.AlignJustify

    hello QtQuries

    Yes there is some problem with the Enumeration related to Text horizontalAlignment Property instead try to use a integer directly, bad hack but will do the good.

    Otherwise you can also assign the property with a string value too like:


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