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    A few questions about the payment

    I have a few questions about the payout to developers.

    1. When developers get paid?
    2. How much do I need to earn
    to get paid?

    I asked because I have bank account with 3000 PLN limit (about 500 EUR)...

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: A few questions about the payment

    When your sales exceeds 100€ and when Nokia has received the 100€ from all the different operators, it can take many months. If you have a lot of credit card sales, it's little bit different, those are paid faster.

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    Re: A few questions about the payment


    I have reached € 100 threshold according to the Online Estimated Revenue. Why have I not been paid?

    There may be a couple of issues that you need to know:

    1. Banking Information: It may be possible that your banking account information is missing or incorrect. To check or add your Banking Information in Ovi Publish see [Bank Information] under the [Accounts] tab. If there is no banking information there, Nokia will not be able to make a payment to you.

    2. Credit card purchases may take up to a month to clear. Operator billing can take one to several months to clear. Nokia issues the payment only when the payment amount is received from the Operators. Publishers are paid after the € 100 threshold is passed in Actual Revenue received by Nokia.

    For more info, please visit http://support.publish.ovi.com/

    Thank You

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    Re: A few questions about the payment

    Nokia is reporting and paying out content fees on those transactions for which a) cash has been collected by Nokia, or b) required proof exists confirming the amount of cash that Nokia will be able collect.

    Depending on the billing method chosen by the End User, there may be a time lag between the month of transaction and the month of cash collection and content fee payout. In credit card billing the time lag should not be more than 1 month but in case of operator billing the delay may be upwards of 4 months.
    I discovered Qt in the summer 2010, it was sooo easy and nice to use, that I begun to write some apps.
    Thank you Nokia, for giving me this possibility!

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    Re: A few questions about the payment


    Yes, that is correct.

    Thank you

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    Re: A few questions about the payment

    Hi all,

    You may find many of your payment and other related questions answered in the Ovi Publish support page: http://support.publish.ovi.com/?cat=6.


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