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    ListBox based GUI

    Dear Devs

    after 1 year of doing development on other platforms,
    I am back to finish a project on S60 FP2 , and I like it a lot.

    my past development with other platforms has put me into doubts
    on how I should use multiple containers with one listbox each,
    and then switch between those containers with ActivateLocalView.

    for my current app, I need to switch between similar list boxes.
    my questions is: keep 1 container with 1 listbox,
    and change its contents all the time,
    or activate and deactivate containers all the time...

    thank you in advance


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    Re: ListBox based GUI

    It is more peaceful to have two separate views and do 'real' switching between them. You can provide different functionality (different listbox type, different menu) in a natural way, and this is exactly what view switching is invented for.

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