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    Bug found in Platfom Services 2.0 (platformservices.js)

    I just started today using the Platform Services, so I don't know where to report this. If here is not the place, could someone please post the link to where. Thanks.

    At the beginning of the file platformservices.js we find this piece of code:

    if ((typeof nokia) == "undefined") {
    nokia = {};
    nokia.device = {};
    else {
    if ((typeof nokia.device) != "undefined") {
    nokia.device = {};
    else {
    throw ("nokia.device already defined");

    Usually everything goes well because nobody defines the nokia object, but I am using and api (nokia Places API) that is defining it. So then we go to through the else and there is the error: the following line

    if ((typeof nokia.device) != "undefined") {
    should be

    if ((typeof nokia.device) == "undefined") {
    Otherwise the object nokia.device is never defined and we always throw the exception.

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    Re: Bug found in Platfom Services 2.0 (platformservices.js)

    Hi and welcome to forum!

    This is good place for reporting these findings.
    I forwarder your report to RnD team.



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