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    Question Third party icons and Anna icons for Symbian 3 using carbide.4.1

    Hi guys i ahve a problem when desiging a theme under carbide 4.1 using Symbian Anna style for Symbian 3 platform after making the necessary changes on the backgrounds etc and using the basic aNNA ICONS when i pack the theme and try to run it on my N8 the phone does not use the Anna icons but in fact uses the default phone icons ,so i have to go back to the theme and inst5all One by one the Anna icons and repack the theme and them most of the Anna icons seem to work , what am i doing wrong or what is the correct way to do it.how do i install the third party icons it all seem so easy but i cant make it work , please advice and help.

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    Re: Third party icons and Anna icons for Symbian 3 using carbide.4.1


    If I understood your query correctly then I know the problem and the solution.
    You have created the theme using Anna plug-in but when you applied the same theme on your N8, it seems only skinned icons works but rest of the icon looks as default N8 icons .. right?
    From my point of view, your N8 phone may not have the Anna UI software i.e PR2.0 yet. But without Anna UI software (PR2.0), you can still create the theme with Anna UI look and feel. What you need to do is copied all Anna UI Icons from the tool and paste it to same icons again and then make the package and then install your theme in N8 to see all Anna UI icons.

    Br, Phoneyguy

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