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    Unhappy Unable to find X2-00 themes

    Dear all,
    i am unable to find proper Nokia X2-00 themes anywhere.
    As per my knowledge, it has screen of 320x240 & runs on S40v6 (version no. perhaps)

    Can anyone please tell me where can i get themes of this phone.
    Nokia Ovi store recognizes my phone as Nokia-X2-00 but gives themes of other models like of 6233 & others. It's just not perfect. I have downloaded many themes from Ovi store but not even a single theme contained skin for media player or replaced every menu icon with different logos.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to find X2-00 themes

    im sorry if i have posted this at wrong place. if so, kindly suggest where can i get answer for this? one more thing, please tell me where to get the software for making S40 or specifically X2-00 themes?? is the software or any program available for Fedora??

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