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    Problem uploading into server an Series 40 web app for testing purposes

    I am developing a widget for series 40 mobile devices using the ovi browser platform. Unfortunately i haven't been able to upload the widget to the ovi server for testing purposes using the short url method describeb in the articule "Getting started with Series 40 Web Apps".
    I follow line by line the instructions
    1) Inside the WDE, right click in the current proyect of the Proyect Explorer Window. A Context Menu appears
    2) Then select Deployment Setting
    3) Define none device for deployement target
    4) Then click OK

    The console output is:
    Packaging Started...
    Packaging files from C:/Documents and Settings/victor/WebToolsWorkspace/Probando
    Packaging Successful

    Uploading project to preview server...
    Upload successful - 21 jul 2011 06:53 PM
    URL: http://goo.gl/wNVBf&type=webapp1_0

    5) Then a go to my device (X3) with the propper ovi browser client installed.
    6) Launch the ovi browser client
    7) GO to the url "http://goo.gl/wNVBf&type=webapp1_0" (see output of step 4) then a see a page of google displaying this:
    404: Page not found – the page http://goo.gl/wNVBf&type=webapp1_0 does not exist.

    If you typed in or copied/pasted this URL, make sure you included all the characters, with no extra punctuation.


    So things goes wrong for me this time.
    I tried and search across the googleverse nothing was found.
    Hope anyone can help me!
    Thanks for advance.

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    Re: Problem uploading into server an Series 40 web app for testing purposes


    You could try by removing &type=webapp1_0 from the URL and see if works then.

    Anyhow Bluetooth launcher is the recommended way to deploy the web app for in device testing. There is a know issue with the preferences and short URL.

    If you don't have BT launcher installed you can get it by opening following URL in you Series 40 device


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    Re: Problem uploading into server an Series 40 web app for testing purposes

    Thanks Isalento!!
    I will give it a try and then i will tell you!.

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