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    QtCreator on 64-bit Windows 7 is taking forever to start up (20 minutes!)

    I installed the Qt 1.1.2 SDK for Windows on my Windows 7 64 bit computer.
    Everything installed okay, but when I click on the QtCreator icon it literally takes about 20 minutes for the main window to finally appear. I'm guessing there's some kind of network access going on and I finally get the window after timeouts. Anyone have any tipson how I can get things to work faster?

    UPDATE: I did some more investigation and it appears that when I disable the ProjectExplorer plugin, I'm able to boot up right away, but I lose the
    Welcome page with all its helpful guidance. Instead, I get a generic welcome page linked to Qt-developer news. So something about the ProjectExplorer seems to be slowing things down.

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