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    Where to get icons?

    Hi I searched a bit, this forum but did not find an answer.
    Sorry to assume a new topic but we need your help.
    I have a question how to download an icon or a package of icons for Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.4 is a tool to have licenses.
    I was looking for in google but found nothing, if I have to individually replace multiple icons in the program?
    Sorry for my english.

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    Re: Where to get icons?


    There is no problem with your english
    Let me try to help you on Carbide.ui tool and your icon problem.
    1. Carbide.ui tools do not provide any icon set to create the theme. It only supports default icon set. So if you want to create theme with new icons then either you have to create it or find thru internet.
    1. Please use the latest Carbide.ui tool to create themes for Nokia phones.
    a) For Series 60 or Symbian^3 phones - Download "Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition 4.0 tool --> After installation it will ask for update and if you accept the update it will change to v4.1
    ----> With this tool, you can not find new icon set but you can colorize all most all default icons and package it according to your flavor. Please go to Properties view and double click on color pallete and start colorize it.

    b) For Series 40phones - Download "Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 5.0 tool.
    ---> As Series 40 phones does not support any svg files for icons, you have to create your own icons and then either drag/drop or copy/paste to the target icons in the Carbide.ui tool to skin or theme.

    Carbide.ui Tool download location# http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/...ymbian_OS.html

    FYI.. If you still want to use the icons from other theme then you can download and try the "Jing Mask theme example for Symbian^3 v1.0" from http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/..._Examples.html and open it in the Carbide.ui Symbian Theme edition tool and copy and paste of the icon from Jing mask theme to your theme.

    Br, Phoneyguy

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