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    QMessageManager not work on Harmattan

    I'm having some problem using QMessageManager on N950.

    This is my code
    #include <QtGui/QApplication>
    #include <QMessageManager>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QApplication app(argc, argv);
        QMessageManager *manager = new QMessageManager();
        return app.exec();
    and this is the output
    chmod: /opt/messageguard/bin/messageguard: Operation not permitted
    Using the meego graphics system
    QMessageStore::QMessageStore exit 
    Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 8 
    Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 7 
    Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 6 
    Messaging :  Looking for account by id: 5 
    CommHistory::QueryRunner::QueryRunner(CommHistory::TrackerIO*, QObject*) 
    CommHistory::QueryRunner::QueryRunner(CommHistory::TrackerIO*, QObject*) 
    StorageEngine::StorageEngine(QObject*) begin 
    virtual void CommHistory::EventModelPrivate::clearEvents() 
    bool CommHistory::EventModelPrivate::executeQuery(CommHistory::EventsQuery&) 
    QString CommHistory::EventsQuery::query() const 
    Ignored prop 31 
    Ignored prop 39 
    QList<CommHistory::Event::Property> CommHistory::EventsQuery::eventProperties() const 
    void CommHistory::QueryRunner::runEventsQuery(const QString&, const QList<CommHistory::Event::Property>&) QThread(0x16488) CommHistory::QueryRunner(0xcad78) -> 
    void CommHistory::QueryRunner::addQueryToQueue(CommHistory::QueryType, const QSparqlQuery&, const QList<CommHistory::Event::Property>&) QThread(0x16488) CommHistory::QueryRunner(0xcad78) -> 
    void CommHistory::QueryRunner::addQueryToQueue(CommHistory::QueryType, const QSparqlQuery&, const QList<CommHistory::Event::Property>&) QThread(0x16488) CommHistory::QueryRunner(0xcad78) <- 
    void CommHistory::QueryRunner::nextSlot() QThread(0x16488) CommHistory::QueryRunner(0xcad78) 
    QSparqlConnection(0xc6068) QThread(0x16488) 
    QTrackerDirectResult: QSparqlError(-1, "") "SELECT ?message rdf:type(?message) nmo:sentDate(?message) nmo:receivedDate(?message) nmo:isSent(?message) nmo:isDraft(?message) nmo:isRead(?message) nmo:isAnswered(?message) nmo:isEmergency(?message) nmo:deliveryStatus(?message) nie:contentSize(?message) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tracker:coalesce(nco:imID(?medium), nco:phoneNumber(?medium), ?medium), "\u001e") WHERE { ?from nco:hasContactMedium ?medium . }) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tracker:coalesce(nco:imID(?medium), nco:phoneNumber(?medium), ?medium), "\u001e") WHERE { ?to nco:hasContactMedium ?medium . }) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(fn:string-join((tracker:id(?contact), nco:nameGiven(?contact), nco:nameFamily(?contact)), "\u001f"), "\u001e") WHERE { {  ?target nco:hasIMAddress ?address .   ?contact nco:hasAffiliation [ nco:hasIMAddress ?address ] . } UNION {  ?target nco:hasPhoneNumber [ maemo:localPhoneNumber ?number ] .   ?contact nco:hasAffiliation [ nco:hasPhoneNumber [ maemo:localPhoneNumber ?number ] ] . }}) AS ?contacts  (SELECT ?nickname { ?target nco:hasIMAddress [ nco:imNickname ?nickname ] }) nmo:phoneMessageId(?message) nmo:messageSubject(?message) nie:plainTextContent(?message) nmo:communicationChannel(?message) nmo:messageId(?message) nie:contentLastModified(?message) nfo:fileName(nmo:fromVCard(?message)) rdfs:label(nmo:fromVCard(?message)) nmo:encoding(?message) nie:characterSet(?message) nie:language(?message) nmo:isDeleted(?message) nmo:reportDelivery(?message) nmo:validityPeriod(?message) nie:generator(?message) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(?cc, '\u001e') {?message nmo:cc ?ccContact . {?ccContact nco:hasIMAddress [nco:imID ?cc]}UNION{?ccContact nco:hasPhoneNumber [nco:phoneNumber ?cc]}}) (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(?bcc, '\u001e') {?message nmo:bcc ?bccContact . {?bccContact nco:hasIMAddress [nco:imID ?bcc]}UNION{?bccContact nco:hasPhoneNumber [nco:phoneNumber ?bcc]}}) nmo:reportReadStatus(?message) nmo:sentWithReportRead(?message) nmo:mustAnswerReportRead(?message) nmo:mmsId(?message) (SELECT ?mmsTo {?message nmo:messageHeader [nmo:headerName "x-mms-to"; nmo:headerValue ?mmsTo]}) WHERE { SELECT ?message ?from ?to  IF (nmo:isSent(?message) = true, ?to, ?from) AS ?target  ?message WHERE {?message nmo:from ?from ; nmo:to ?to .  ?message rdf:type nmo:SMSMessage . } }" 
    void CommHistory::QueryRunner::finished() 
    "GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.92" (uid=29999 pid=2029 comm="/opt/messageguard/bin/messageguard ") interface="org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Steroids" member="Query" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="org.freedesktop.Tracker1" (uid=29999 pid=1258 comm="/usr/lib/tracker/tracker-store "))" 
    virtual void CommHistory::EventModelPrivate::modelUpdatedSlot(bool) 
    void StorageEngine::onModelReady(bool) begin 
    void StorageEngine::onModelReady(bool) end 
    StorageEngine::StorageEngine(QObject*) end
    After this, connection to signal messageAdded doesn't works
    Any hint?

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    Re: QMessageManager not work on Harmattan

    As reference for other readers, answered here


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    Re: QMessageManager not work on Harmattan

    In general (not just QMessageManager) if you see this GDBus.Errorrg.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied type of message, it's a sign that you will need a security manifest in your package. More documentation (on what Qt module uses what) coming soon with the final Harmattan target release.

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