I m getting app QA failing repeatly ... it is compiled and package as i did before and it was passing
I m really stuck on that ... as i do not know what else to think i even suppose they test with new firmware not available for me

Further more , some QA ago , i get also that message ... READ PLEASE , and let me know if it make sense for you because it doesn't at all for me

Installer display "The page you were looking for doesn't exist."

Oh my god ... what i do know about the installer is looking for ? really crazy ...
I m spending more time on QA than on dev side ... so frustrating ...

Comments from the QA team:
Failed QA.
SUMMARY: Unable to install the application.
1. Download application.
2. Launch application installer.
3. The following error message is displayed: "The page you were looking for doesn't exist."
ACTUAL RESULT: The application cannot be installed.
EXPECTED RESULT: The should install and run properly.
AFFECTED DEVICES: C6-01 Firmware: 012.006, N8-00 Firmware: 013.009, E6-00 Firmware: 021.014, E7-00 Firmware: 013.016
Frequency reproduced: 100% (public, Moderation in progress -> Qa failed)