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    nokia 7210 drawPixels issue


    I'm trying to draw a picture using something like this

    DirectGraphics dg = DirectUtils.getDirectGraphics(someGraphics);

    dg.drawPixels(byte sprite[],byte transparency[], 0, offset, x, y, 0,dg.TYPE_BYTE_1_GRAY_VERTICAL);

    On 6310sim this is working fine and the pixels are draw.

    On 7210sim i'm getting an IllegalArgumentException ...

    Does anyone knows what's the problem with 7210 implementation of DirectGraphics.drawPixels ?
    TYPE_BYTE_1_GRAY_VERTICAL drawing format is not supported for this version of simulator ? In this case what format I could use ?

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    I'm not really familiar with the 7210, but it sounds like the pixel format is wrong. You can find out what format you need by calling the getNativePixelFormat() on your DirectGraphics object.


    Just checked the phone spec page. The 7210 is a color phone which means TYPE_BYTE_1_GRAY_VERTICAL must be wrong, since it's a monochrome format.
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