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    Understanding Series 60 Authoring SDK

    Hi folks,

    I am try to understand the configuration of Series 60 Authoring SDK.

    My originating application send a MMS to Nokia EAIF EM which in turn send the MMS to the Series 60 Authoring SDK mmsin box.

    Regarding this senerio, does the the EMURAS.ini configuration matters at all? I tried to change the default configuration below, but the Series 60 Authoring SDK is still able to open the MMS automatically.

    WAP_GW_PORT 9200

    Can I say that the receiving of MMS is not affected by the configuration at all?

    I am not able to receive MMS with the 7210 Authoring SDK though.

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    The EAIF saves the received MMS message to a specific folder, it does not communicate over TCP/IP, so the settings does not apply to message delivery, but only for WAP access.

    Have a look to NDS for MMS and you will be able to push MMS messages to Nokia 7210 CA SDK.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Hi auvinent

    Thanks for your help.
    When I tried to send a flawed MMS to the Nokia EAIF (say the sender address) from the originating application, the EAIF Emulator is able to capture it and response saying that the PDU heading has error. Theretically, the EAIF responsibility should end there. Right?

    However, the EAIF emulator proceed to send the MMS with the flawed heading to the Series 60 Authoring SDK. Why is this so? Is there anyway to prevent EAIF from sending flawed MMS?

    Is this the same case in real MMSC?

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