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    Symbian Browser 7.3 - focus bug with "tabbed navigation"?

    I find that, with the latest Symbian Browser 7.3 (NokiaBrowser/, tested on E52), the behavior of the JavaScript focus() method for some controls has changed, at least for web pages in "tabbed mode": in my tests, it has now become quite difficult to impossible to move the focus to a particular element, e.g. as the default, by Java Script.

    For example, let's look at this code (currently available at www.mgroeber.de/focustest.html):

    HTML Code:
      <META NAME="navigation" CONTENT="tabbed">
    <body onload="document.getElementById('test').focus()">
    <a href="www.google.de" id="test2">Link</a>
    <select id="test">
    <option value="#">Make a choice ?</option>
    <option value="alpha">alpha</option>
    <option value="beta">beta</option>
    <option value="gamma">gamma</option>
    <a href="#x" onclick="document.getElementById('test').focus(); return false">Focus Select</a> -
    <a href="#x" onclick="document.getElementById('test2').focus(); return false">Focus Link</a> -
    When I open this with the E75 (BrowserNG/7.1.1) the default focus goes to the "Make a choice" combo box, and I can use the two links at the bottom to redirect the focus to the link or the combo box.

    However, after opening the same page with an E52 (FW v71), the focus is on the "Focus Select" link instead. If I click this link, the focus does not seem to move. However, if I press [Up], [Down], the focus actually returns to the combo box, as if it had been moved there internally, without updating the UI. Even weirder, when I press [Right] [Left], and then press a digit key, the popup opens as expected, even without getting a focus rectangle. Afterwards, the focus behaves strangely in that I can *only* get the combo box to take focus any more.

    So it seems the internal state and the page rendering get out of sync somehow - focus() in tabbed mode has always been a bit of a troublemaker, but this here looks clearly broken.

    Candidate for a known issue / bugfix?

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    Re: Symbian Browser 7.3 - focus bug with "tabbed navigation"?


    Thank you for investigation and a very clear report. This is a definitely a good place for bug report and a known issue.

    I did some testing as well an noticed that when focusing via JavaScript the focus is set to the element i.e. CSS style is applied, but the highlight rectangle is not moved nor the click handler fire on a correct element. I would second you on suspecting some kind of sync mismatch.


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