I'm trying to communicate with SIM, SIM inserts and UICC cards through SATSA-APDU on S60 5th ed and Symbian^3 mobiles. I have test the followings with lastest firmware but no success:

- NokiaX6-00/31.0.004/sw_platform=S60;sw_platform_version=5.0;java_build_version=2.1.18
- NokiaC6-00/20.0.042/sw_platform=S60;sw_platform_version=5.0;java_build_version=2.1.18
- NokiaC6-01/4.002/sw_platform=S60;sw_platform_version=5.2;java_build_version=2.1.49

MIDlet is Verisign signed and works perfectly on BlackBerry and Samsung mobiles but in Nokia ones I can only get exceptions like:

- java.io.IOException: Opening APDU Connection failed: No free channels or other I/O error
- javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException: Opening APDU Connection failed: Card application does not exist or refused selection
- java.io.IOException: Opening APDU Connection failed: Item not found

Any idea or known bug?