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    Question Home screen crashes using Carbide 4.1

    I have made and posted numerous themes in various forums and lately this has come up... Some users of my themes are complaining that their home screens are crashing and loosing settings when they hit the favourite apps button and it's only happening after they installed my themes! All elements etc are made in carbide and i test all theme numerous times on my c7 during the making of a theme and i never have any problems but some users do! Seems stranger still that only some of the users have this problem and others not... So what is the cause or more importantly, what is the solution? I'm using the ^3 1.3 plugin and the Anna plugin but both seems to be causing these crashes... Why???

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    Re: Home screen crashes using Carbide 4.1


    Even it is strange to me as well. We too create many themes and verify in all S^3 phones but never received any complaint. I will definitely want to verify this problem. Can you do a verification with your customer by unskinned the Favorite Apps and check, if it is still crashing, then share your theme file. I will try to analyze. Do mention customer phone model used and S^3 software build. This will ease the process of verification for us.

    In case you are having problem sharing the theme file in public, share you email id. I will contact personally.

    Br, Phoneguy

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