I read there is a way, with help of smart installer we can run QT application on nokia s60 3rd edition Feature pack 1.

I am developing a QT application. When I tried to build a sis package, I made sure the smart installer is enabled.

I am using QT Creator (Qt Creator 2.2.0 : Based on Qt 4.7.4 (32 bit))->Projects->Symbian Devices->Run (Self-signed certificate), and checked Create Smart Installer Package.
Is there any installation step missed out?
On running it generates two sis package, test.sis and test_installer.sis

On installing the test_installer.sis these are the messages I get in order
'Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway?' when I continue->
'Nokia Smart Installation' pop's up, on continue->
'Preparing installation message' ->
'Reverting changes' ->
'Device not supported message'

What is the problem. The device I used to install is Nokia e51 (s60 3rd Feature Pack 1), with Software Installation set All, Online Certificate check set Off.

Is there any comprehensive list of the QT supported devices (irrespective of device manufacturer).

Thanks in advance.