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Thread: help!!!!

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    how can create themes of other phones for nokia x2-01 with carbide.ui theme edition 5.0??!!

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    Re: help!!!!

    Hello Nokialover,

    You can definitely create themes for your X2-01 using Carbide.ui Series 40 - 5.0 tool.

    You have to install, Carbide.ui Series 40 5.0 Tool and then install "Compact UI" Plug-in. Once the "Compact UI" plug-in is installed, Just Create new theme and Select the "Compact UI" from template drop down.

    To download Carbide.ui Series 40 5.0 tool - http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/...ymbian_OS.html
    To download "Series 40 6th Edition Compact UI " plug-in - http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/..._Plug_ins.html

    Steps to install "Series 40 6th Edition Compact UI " Plug-in in Carbide.ui tool,
    1. In Carbide.ui too, go to Windows Menu --> Preferences --> Plug-in Management --> Then click "Add" and select the downloaded "Series 40 6th Edition Compact UI " plug-in.

    Happy Themeing!

    Br, Phoneyguy

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