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    QML webview catch link clicked

    How to catch link clicked on QML webview


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    Re: QML webview catch link clicked

    whenever you click any link on the webview onLoadStarted will be called you can handle that signal to do whatever you want.

    Similarly onLoadFinished will also be called once the link is loaded completely on the webview.

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    Re: QML webview catch link clicked

    Sadly, not so. I've just checked it out. It fires when a page is loaded all right but it remains completely silent when a link is clicked (unless that link opens another page, of course). I'd also need to handle it in a situation when it doesn't load a page because there is no such page, I'd need to handle the link myself...

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    Re: QML webview catch link clicked

    Any news on this? Placing a MouseArea inside the Webview does not work neither.

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    Re: QML webview catch link clicked

    You can use a MouseArea on top of the WebView without problem.
    Mouse area by default consumes the mouse events, so you have explicitly set events accepted to false in the onPressed onReleased... mouse area slots if you want they go to the webview.

    BTW If using C++ is not a problem for you can use a your custom QNetworkAccessManager to know when a URL is clicked. For this you need a QDeclarativeNetworkAccessManagerFactory (take a look at http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ManagerFactory).

    As gabba88 said in his previous comment, onLoadStarted should start when content starts to be loaded. If network access manager doesn't download anything. It's because there are domain resolution issues in your network.

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