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    Question What is the difference between QDeclarativeView and QmlApplicationViewer?


    I've been working on a QML/C++ project for a while. Now I want to start using Qt Components on that project. So I created a new project in Qt Creator with Qt Component support (Harmattan). All I need to do is to copy the code from the existing project and add the needed Components.

    However, I ran into a potential problem. I noticed that Qt Creator seems to now use QDeclarativeView instead of QmlApplicationViewer, in which I did my original project. So my question is what is the difference between those two? What should I keep in mind if I attempt to transfer my code from using QmlApplicationViewer to QDeclarativeView?

    In my project I'm using QSqlTableModel in the C++ code and in QML I use ListView which uses it as the model. It took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to do this, so I'm a bit worried that this might break.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: What is the difference between QDeclarativeView and QmlApplicationViewer?

    Hello Sasler,

    QApplicationViewer is nothing else but an Wrapper over QDeclarativeView , with some additional functions just to help developers, so there is no problem if you use QDeclarativeView instead of QApplicationViewer.


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