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    to get image from directory using FolderListModel

    Hi ,
    In my application I want all images in my screen for that I need to access mobile drive D and E but not C,

    I have tested my application working file in simulator for one folder like below method,

    FolderListModel {
           id: folderModel
           nameFilters: ["*.jpg"]
           //folder: "file:///C:/Documents and Settings/RUPESH/Desktop/mobile_image"
           folder: "file:///C:/Users/My Pictures/outing on 8-Jan2011/NewYearOuting"
       Component {
           id: fileDelegate
           Row {
               Image {
                   width: 150; height: 150
                   fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
                   smooth: true
                   source: folderModel.folder + "/" + fileName
               Text { text: fileName }
    But this code get the data from one folder, I am developing the application for mobile and I want my program search D and E drive , means mass memory and external memory card memory, to get all *.jpg and *.png file.

    What modifications are required in the above code.


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    Re: to get image from directory using FolderListModel

    you need to use the QML Gallery model/delegate together with a listview.

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