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    Logging flash lite application

    I would like to log my FL2 application. As it has to work on s40, I thought of using SharedObjects. The thing is I can´t find where it is!
    I would need to open it with a sol reader and copy paste its content as plain text.
    Do you know if it is doable?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Logging flash lite application

    Hi Gabrielaperry,
    You cant save a SharedObject as a plain text file on your local file system because there is no such function/API available in Flash. For more details about SharedObject, read here :
    Flash Lite shared objects
    SharedObject Class
    I would like to clear that there is no way to write to a file in Flash Lite using pure ActionScript but yes! if you like to extend Flash Lite using JavaME then MAY be its possible. Best of luck for your project.

    Best Regards,

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