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    Question Anyone tried Phonegap?

    Hi @ all
    Has anyone tried Phonegap? For those who are not familiar with it, it basically is a Cross-platform Framework to create Apps using HTML&CSS&Javascript.

    What do you think? Is it something you have used in the past? Do you think this is an alternative to Silverlight/XNA for Windows Phone?

    Personally, I am not really conviced by HTML5 (maybe because I'm a native guy ^^) but what do you think? Is it worth investing your time?

    Link: http://www.phonegap.com

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    Re: Anyone tried Phonegap?

    here is a link to podcast about PhoneGap: http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=557 (this is worth listening)

    Quote Originally Posted by mithril87 View Post
    Is it worth investing your time?
    Well there is no yes/no answer to that question. It just depends - if you want to quickly develop for multiple platforms, then it's the way to go. But the main issue is that the apps will never feel native and that is very important both for the wp7 and iphone. Also the model is that you call native api from javascript - so there might be some problems there. Personally I prefer the native apps and I'm not as excited as everybody else about this js + html5 stuff.

    Btw. did you know that somebody is making a complier for js? Not this real time stuff that is in browsers, but real js compiler...

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    Re: Anyone tried Phonegap?


    I have seen the link : http://www.phonegap.com
    given Supported Platforms
    BlackBerry WebWorks (OS 5.0 and higher)

    but this link :- http://blog.mrlacey.co.uk/2010/08/wp...s-phone-7.html
    First crack at PhoneGap for Windows Phone 7.

    No device functionality yet (the API is super new), but from my brief overview, it looks like at least initially
    we should be able to get network status, vibrate and accelerometer functionality... although none of these
    are testable via the emulator.

    Basically we load local assets from the www folder into a WebBrowser control, and using the InvokeScript
    and window.external.Notify functions to pass messages between the browser and the .NET code-behind.

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    Re: Anyone tried Phonegap?

    PhoneGap is not perfect, like most things in life It is good for many things though, and as mentioned, if you are familiar with HTML and JavaScript it is very quick to develop for many different platforms.

    PhoneGap also has a plugin system, so if they are missing an API for a specific platform, you can write your own.

    They recently released version 1.0 and you can see here a presentation about what is coming in version 2. In particular see slide 24, if platforms is what you care about: http://www.slideshare.net/brianleroux/phonegap-2x

    In short, PhoneGap is not good if you want to develop a 3D racing game, but some companies have successfully used for mission critical applications such as Obama for his presidential campaign.

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    Re: Anyone tried Phonegap?

    I started playing with touchpad application development. I have been developing in contact with Sencha PhoneGap for the iPad. And so far my experience has been very good.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried using PhoneGap applications Touchpad.
    I know it can be used with the palm of preclinical development, but just not sure if that is the way to go if I want to use my apps for iphone touhcpad.
    Or do I have to totally change the development Enio touchpad.
    Also wanted to know if people are using PhoneGap sencha with a touch or any other framework, how was the experience so far in the touch panel.
    I am very interested in building something useful, but only to reflect on where / how to start touchpads.
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    Re: Anyone tried Phonegap?

    lemme check the link,,,
    thanks for the share

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