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    exporting 3gp from QuickTime


    QuickTime just added support for 3gp file format.
    I tried to export a small video from .avi to .3pg and play it on a 3650 but errors occur.
    QuickTime can export 3 file formats:
    * 3GPP Release 4.3
    * 3GPP Release 5.1
    * Mobile MPEG-4

    Unfortunately, I've tried them all without succes.

    Please, could you tell me the which are the settings a .3gp file
    must have to be playied on a 3650 (in a app, not by the phone's player)

    My settings were:

    encoder H.263
    74 kbits/second
    fps 15
    key frame every 24 frames
    size 176x144

    and it did not work. And Quicktime is not the only software I tried...

    I must mention my video has no sound.
    The Nokia Multimedia Coverter does the job, but i want better quality to the .3gp video, that's why I wanted to use other software.

    Thank you in advance,


    Weissmann Eduard

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    Nokia 3650 supports H.263, Profile 0, Level 10. The maximum bitstream for video is set to 64 kbit/s. Your settings seems to have 74 kbit/s. Try to change that.

    More information about video in Nokia phones can be found from Forum Nokia.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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    Can we use this h263 library on phone in C/C++ programs?

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