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    Card Phone with Win XP

    Posted by Franz Christian Huber, Franz.HD.Huber@bmw.de
    on January 16, 2002 at 16:16

    We have 27 Card Phones in use and normaly we will Roll-Out the Card-Phones at the Company, it ar more then 350 p.
    But we also update to win XP.
    When the Card-Phone with XP is not function, I must deled the Roll Out and give back the Card Phones. Then I cancle the contact to the Nokia Products an search for another way to connect the people.

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    RE: Card Phone with Win XP

    Posted by Harvey Watts, harvey@hickoryhollow.co.uk
    on January 17, 2002 at 13:04

    Yes I've got it working With WinXP!!!!

    You DO NOT need the nokia driver, just put in the cardphone and let Windows XP install the Standard PCMCIA Modem driver then once installed goto the Advanced settings for the modem and put in the Extra Settings the string:


    This will give you a 28k "analog" connection which works with Orange in the UK

    You can also use

    AT+CBST=48,0,1 for 28k ISDN (v120) other settings are in the AT command list for the NCP2

    I hope that this is of help, now I'm going to work on the Nokia 6210 and WinXP.

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