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    Simulator stops when running qt-mobility simple example

    Hi, I am having serious problems running a very simple example of qt-mobility multimedia (Audio element).

    My system is WinXP and I am using the latest QtSDK. (1.1.2)

    I built qt-mobility 1.2.0 successfully following the instalation page: http://goo.gl/Idjjp
    I added as suggested in many sites to my path:


    I added: CONFIG += mobility and MOBILITY += multimedia to my.pro file
    I have in my qml file:

    import Qt 4.7 and then import QtMultimediaKit 1.1 at the top.

    The simulator runs with a blue screen and then I cannot close the simulator windows, it seems the process never ends.
    I am just getting: "Could not connect to mobility server" in the general Messages section (Below "compile opuput" view).

    Please, I am really going crazy with this problem, many hours to get the qt-mobility api on my system and I really need to use the multimedia module.

    I don't know what else can I do. A helping hand would be really appreciated.



    Screenshot :

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    Re: Simulator stops when running qt-mobility simple example

    As Qt Mobility already included in Qt SDK i suggest using Update Tool install the same

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