Hello, I made a petition which I will send to Nokia after it receives enough names. The petition is for those who want N950 to be released in the market.

You can sign the petition here:


Also please join the Facebook group:


Also send Nokia feedback and ask them to release the N950, I did this already:



And few words for those who think already pessimistically (claiming to be realistic) "This will never work", "This is waste of time/pathetic/stupid/futile/childlish etc. :

If we get enough names to the petition and the Facebook group ANYTHING is possible, I can't do it myself so I need you guys (assuming you want the N950), we just have to put pressure on Nokia and see what happens.

My point is that there is absolutely NOTHING to lose, signing the petition and liking the Facebook group takes a couple of seconds. I am also curious to find how many people are interested in the N950 device, let's see how many names we can get!

So please sign, like and spread the word

and for skeptics

please save me from your intelligent realism.

Jouni Sopanen