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    Question RRLP protocol support in nokia mobiles

    hi all i am working on some opensource BTS and base stations namely OpenBTS,OpenBSC

    i am testing RRLP protocol implementation in these controller and basestation .

    but i dont know where low end cellphone of nokia support RRLP protocol or not ??

    also can anyone tell me does RRLP based A-GPS and E-OTD supported phones from nokia to complete my tests

    thanks in advance

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    Re: RRLP protocol support in nokia mobiles

    Hi akibsayyed, Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    AFAIK, Radio resource location services protocol supports two positioning methods E-OTD and GPS. I am not sure about EOTD support in Nokia devices. Where as GPS is widely supported in Nokia devices. Also latest Series 40 devices supports Cell ID in Location API (JSR-179).


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    Re: RRLP protocol support in nokia mobiles

    thanks for quick response
    i dont want api to use nor i want to use any software in mobile side.
    let me clear my question
    i have RRLP support in my BTS. i am going to query Mobile using BTS. then if E-OTD is implemented then it should reply me with measurement details or if A-GPS is there it should give me its GPS coordinates

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    Re: RRLP protocol support in nokia mobiles

    HI All ! Now i am doing project about SUPL server.I need test project in simulator.hepl me find a simulator have A-GPS.If you have knowledge about RRLP and SUPL OMA please
    say me .Thank you

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