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    Custom alarm clock icon S40

    On the Nokia C1-02 one of the icons in the main menu is the Alarm Clock. Unfortunately Carbide.ui doesn't have an entry for that icon.
    I tried manually editing the theme.xml file by adding
    <grid-icon id="clock" source="clock36.png"/>
    <grid-icon id="alarm_clock" source="clock36.png"/>
    <grid-icon id="alarm" source="clock36.png"/>
    None of these lines worked. Any idea where I could find the id of the Alarm clock icon?

    Edit : After reading menusettings.xml (a file I found in a hidden folder of the gsm). I can see it uses
    <menuitem name="MenuUCSK:AlarmClock" />  and  <menuitem name="AlarmClock" />
    to designate the Alarm clock, unfortunately using
    <grid-icon name="AlarmClock" source="clock36.png"/> or ..id=AlarmClock"..
    doesn't work.
    Any Idea why?
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    Re: Custom alarm clock icon S40

    Who can help, please? I want to custom alarm clock on my C1 02, too!

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