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    Question Which device supports SetFocusDistance

    Do You know which device supports CCamera::CCameraAdvancedSettings SetFocusDistance method?
    It's not supported on E72.
    After i call SetFocusDistance it fires HandelEvent from MCameraObserver2 with EventType set to KUidECamEventCameraSettingFocusDistance and ErrorCode == KErrNotSupported, doesn't matter millimeters i want to set 50, 250.
    In other thread jp19 posted it did not work also on N82.
    It will be nice to know device before we buy it...


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    Re: Which device supports SetFocusDistance

    Given what this method is supposed to set, it is absolutely not sure that any device would support it.
    The camcorder-style devices had some sophisticated lens-system, but they are a bit old (N92, N93, N93i are S60 3rd noFP devices, and there might be some S60 2nd edition device too).
    There is an N93 available via RDA (Remote Device Access, part of "Devices" above), you could check that one.
    Remember to use the compatible SDK (S60 3rd MR), and the device probably does not support MCameraObserver2, just MCameraObserver.

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