Hi all Nokia N950 Developer Device users!

An early access version of the Ovi Store Client for the N950 has now been released as an update. Your N950 device will find it automatically in about 24 hours, but the impatient amongst you can go to settings, applications and check for updates.

This update will complete the full end-to-end offering for you. You can develop your applications/content with the publicly available SDJK (Qt SDK 1.1.2). You can now see the layout and look and feel of your applications in OVI Store. Finally, you can share your apps on OVI Store to other users, as well as download and test what your colleagues have been uploading.

Most of the available applications will work on your N950 and existing publicly available firmware (1.2011.22-6). However, there are a few applications in OVI Store that are created with newer pre-production SDK that may fail to install in your device for now. These applications will work also on your device after we have the next SW update available (no dates mentioned here, sorry). If a downloaded application does not install, your download history in Ovi Store means that once you have the newer firmware you can download/install the application.

So, start submitting apps for the Ovi Store - share your work; users, start downloading applications and try them out - give the developers (and us) feedback.


The N9 (and N950) team.