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    Nokia java sdk 1.0 does not find java

    !! Only 32bit JVM's are supported !!

    If you have only 64bit ones, the sdk does not work. It will also not give reasonable error message.

    If you cannot install or uninstall sdk, you need to remove(or rename) keys from registry. Search for "nokia". Then you can reinstall.

    Windows remove does not work on broken or partial install, so you will need to tweak registry and reinstall, before
    you can uninstall the sdk.

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    Re: Nokia java sdk 1.0 does not find java

    There is a Known issue for Nokia SDK for Java (current version) and its mentioned in the release notes " Emulator doesn't launch on Windows 7 64bit with JRE6 64bit."

    Regarding problem 2 : Is this issue happening with JRE6 64bit or in some other machines ?


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