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    Embedded link not working in Browser control

    Hi All,
    I am developing an application for Symbian 5th edition.
    I am using CBrCtlInterface API for browser in my application
    I have inherited MBrCtlLinkResolver for ResolveEmbeddedLinkL & ResolveLinkL callbacks.

    There is a submit button, on clicking it first starts an async process for updating info on server using AJAX, then calls ResolveLinkL function with "goto:action:..." url in this type of urls clients also take some action, I am returning ETrue from ResolveLinkL in this scheme else EFalse. and from ResolveEmbeddedLinkL I am always returning EFalse.

    Now the problem is, if button has only client side action then it works fine, if button has only server side action then also it works fine, but in my case button has both actions involved then only client action results successful and server side AJAX fails to update the info.

    The same button is working fine on all the platforms - iPhone, Android and Bada, But the functionality is not working with Symbian phone.

    I am trying to solve this from past 2 days but no success, please HELP ME!!

    Anil Jha
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