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Thread: QML QueryDialog

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    Question QML QueryDialog


    I got the need to call QueryDialog to ask user Yes/No question in QML.
    The call were from QML too.

    What I want is something like in here (the one in the left):

    What I found so far were this:
    but i don't know how to use it

    My question is:
    Is there any ready-made (predefined) qml querydialog in com.nokia.symbian 1.0 (and also the meego counterpart).
    that would easy to use with one line command maybe like

    somewhere in my whatever.qml
    bool result
    result = querydialog ("Delete Item", "Are you sure, you want to delete the files abc.jpg")
    thank you.
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    Re: QML QueryDialog

    On MeeGo side, here is the documentation
    The usage of that dialog is the same on both Symbian and MeeGo platforms


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    Re: QML QueryDialog

    thank you.

    the documentation on meego side is clearer.

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