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    Question N9(50) Browser Questions

    I have a site that works fine on my N900, but fails on the N950 while using SSL.

    1. Is there anywhere that I can bring up a Javascript Console Log
    2. Any way to see why a site is failing to load via logs of some sort

    Id like to report a bug against the browser; but it would be easier to give a specific reason why if I can see what is failing.

    P.S. Any way to make the browser full screen (i.e. on the n900; you can eliminate the url bar)

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    Re: N9(50) Browser Questions

    The lack of developer console is a limitation unfortunately.

    You might be able to get the full SSL error by enabling developer mode on the device, opening the terminal and testing your link using "wget" or "openssl s_client".

    Most of the SSL errors on the browser are currently caused by the certificate's domain not matching the visited one. e.g. having a certificate for www.foo.org getting used by the server for https://foo.org (instead of getting http://foo.org redirected to https://www.foo.org), or something like that

    Unless things changed recently, there is no way to hide the URL bar.

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    Re: N9(50) Browser Questions

    It could be related to the SSL handshake failing on some sites

    Which site are you talking about, if you don't mind me asking?


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