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    Global variable problem with qml

    I have a problem with qml, i need to apply settings view (text color, font size) on other qml pages
    i tried the javascript global variable to be accessable for all pages but it couldn't be modified
    please tell me how to solve it

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    Re: Global variable problem with qml

    have you moved all your global variables to a single JS file that starts with the line ".pragma library" ?

    Note also that changes to the JS variables do not automatically transfer to QML code that uses them. For example

    // In JS file
    .pragma library
    var someText = "ABCD"
    // in QML file
    import "global.js" as MyVariables
    Text  { text: MyVariables.someText }
    // in another QML file
    import "global.js" as MyVariables
    Timer { onTrigged: MyVariables.someText = "You will not see this" ; .... }
    the text is not automatically updated when "MyVariables.someText" changes. I have no idea why this limitation exists.

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