Hello all,

sorry to trouble you with a (probably) trivial question, but I am stuck at a problem that seems to be non-trivial...

We're currently selling a VoIP application whose clients are often abroad, in roaming mode. They wish to keep track of the amount of data actually transmitted over the network (because of the billing, of course). OK; so I created a simple meter that just adds lengths of data sent in both directions. Nevertheless, this meter underestimates TCP and SSL/TLS connections by 10-20%, the difference being probably in TCP instructions, host resolution and SSL/TLS handshakes.

I am aware that RConnectionMonitor can inform me how much data was transferred over a connection upon its deletion. Nevertheless, I can't use this crude approach, as it does not distinguish individual sockets, and only informs about the data once the connection is closed. One connection can serve for multiple sockets - bad.

I would very much like to get the running Rx/Tx stats from the RSocket itself. But I can't find any API for this purpose. I hesitate to believe that there is no method how to get total Rx/Tx stats for an individual RSocket (incl. all the socket-related data like TCP transmission control instructions etc. - basically the items that are charged for by the operator, maybe excluding host resolution, which is within tolerable error margin) - it is just darn too handy for the system developers themselves to miss.

So, is anyone aware of any such API? Say, a special code for the GetOpt() method? There are various arcane codes for that operation - maybe one of them is the correct one?

Best regards

Marian Kechlibar