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Thread: Feature Request

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    Feature Request

    You would create the opportunity for much more responsive webapps if you would enable if-statements without a server-round-trip.

    It would also be nice if webapps started from the phone menu would not have the browser controls.

    Is any of this planned?

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    Re: Feature Request

    I agree. It would be great to kill the browser controls (Options & Back) as you can do in WRT.
    Also the Edge logo that appears top left corner when connection starts.

    When will these features be added? Can anyone let us know the pipeline for S40 webapps.
    Investing alot of money developing for S40 Webapps and it would be great to know where this is heading.

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    Re: Feature Request

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    We are looking to refresh the platform UX flow quite soon. Without disclosing the details. the update may address some of the needs you have.
    I look forward to sharing more news with you as soon as possible!


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