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    QGalleryQueryRequest getting resultSet() values

    Hi all,

    I've got a resultSet from the code below that runs on my Nokia N8, it lists all podcasts on my phone, the resultSet's definitely populated as I can scroll around it using resultSet->fetchFirst() etc.

    How would I get the values for the currentIndex(), eg the QDocumentGallery::title/artist etc, I've gone completely code blind.

    Many thanks

          documentGallery = new QDocumentGallery(this);
          queryRequest = new QGalleryQueryRequest(documentGallery, this);
          queryRequest->setFilter(QDocumentGallery::genre == "Podcast");
                                         << QDocumentGallery::title
                                         << QDocumentGallery::artist
                                         << QDocumentGallery::albumTitle);
          resultSet = queryRequest->resultSet();
          qDebug() << resultSet->metaData(0); //file:///e:/podcasts/naked_scientists/010_ans_10.06.11.mp3
          qDebug() << resultSet->metaData(1); //010_ans_10.06.11

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    Re: QGalleryQueryRequest getting resultSet() values

    Ah .... I see how it works, you get the key from the resultSets propertyKey,

    qDebug() << resultSet->propertyKey(QDocumentGallery::artist);
    qDebug() << resultSet->propertyKey(QDocumentGallery::albumTitle);
    qDebug() << resultSet->propertyKey(QDocumentGallery::title);
    and the value from the metadata using the key.

    qDebug() << resultSet->metaData(14);
    qDebug() << resultSet->metaData(19);
    qDebug() << resultSet->metaData(6);
    and you can see if the query has finished using.

    connect(queryRequest, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(TST()));

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