Ok, im well experienced with j2me and have done alot of complex programming with it over the years.
i have an app that uses the camera to take a snapshot (jsr-135)
the app works on S40 6th edition FP1 and S60 handsets i got a failed QA in Ovi for it on S40 6th edition & below.
i dont have an S40 6th edition or below device so i decided to check the s40 6th edition emulator which according to the documentation should be able to capture an image (the app also work on s40 6th edition FP1 emulator).
the vc.getSnapShot(null) call fails with illegal state exception on the S40 6th edition emulator and please note my first line that i wrote (im 100% percent sure that my code is correct also note that it runs on FP1 emulator and device)
BUT to play the devils advocate i decided to use an official sample from the wiki for capture an image with j2me
i checked this exact code on the s40 6th edition emulator (i changed the locator string to capture://image as wisely stated in the wiki as it should be from my knowledge as well) and it fails with the same exception as my app on the exact same line.....
so i ask WTF????
can someone with a s40 6th edition or below please help me by checking the code in the wiki if it works on their phone?

Thanks to the helpers