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    Does Nokia N9 having Fm Radio and Transmitter?


    I have one question.

    Will Nokia N9 have FM Radio and Transmitter feature in it?

    I can not see this feature listed in Nokia Developer Device specification?

    Nokia N950 doesn't have these feature but does Nokia N9 have?

    At the time of launch, i think Nokia N9 didnt have this feature included but just before some time, There is some news like this.

    Today we have some great news for you - despite Nokia's claims, the N9 has an FM radio receiver and an FM Transmitter in its premium-quality plastic body.
    Here is the link of that article/news :


    But if it is correct then there is no any update in Device specification section yet.

    So what is the final information ?

    Chintan Dave.
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    Re: Does Nokia N9 having Fm Radio and Transmitter?

    N9/N950 have FM transmitter/receiver HW in them. The RX can use headset as antenna. There is no antena connection to TX part. The Qt implementation does not have support for FM transmission/reception -> there will not be a built-in FM RX/TX apps in the device. It should be possible to create FM receiver application though, if one connects to the FM RX HW directly. Some discussion on this is already happening at talk.maemo.org and forum.meego.com.


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