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    TIP: Unable to find your content on the Ovi Store?

    There appears to be several cases where a content item appears to be missing or non-visible in the Ovi Store. This could be the result of these common issues:

    1) Your content has not been published.
    i. QA status shows “Passed” for both item and file
    ii. Publication status shows “Published”
    iii. Publication Tab shows version of file published AND is time-stamped

    Steps to identify the issue:

    I. Check if your item has passed QA

    If your application (both metadata and files) has not passed the QA review, it will remain unpublished. For the initial publishing process, the QA team requires the metadata and at least one file to pass the QA process in order to be published.

    The QA overview shows the QA status of the latest revision. If the QA overview shows the following, this means that the latest revision has been published in the store:

    The above status indicates that your application has passed several or all devices, countries, or language listed in your distribution. If either the item or files show "Failed", this means that none of the parameters set in the distribution has passed QA and this revision will not be published in the store.

    II. Check the publication status
    Once a revision has been processed by the QA team and passed, it will be exported to the Ovi Store and the Publication status will show as follows:

    III. Check the Publication Tab

    Additionally, the publication tab must indicate that the latest revision is successfully published to the store. Published files should correspond with the time-stamp.

    If you do not see a time-stamp with your published file or if the file does not appear in the publication tab, this indicates that your application has not successfully been exported. If this is a case, please contact the Nokia Publish Support with your content item name and publisher name to get your item re-exported.

    2) Your content is being distributed to regions that are outside of your search parameters OR your content has been failed in certain countries, device, or language and hence is not being distributed within these distribution parameters.

    Even if the QA status of your content shows “Passed”, this may not necessarily mean that all the devices, country, and language you had set for the distribution has passed the QA review. You can identify which device, country or language had failed QA by clicking on "Show QA details". The issues found on your application for the failed settings are found at the bottom of the content file page.

    You will need to fix the issues highlighted by the QA team and resubmit your application once more in order for these settings to be passed.

    3) The Start-date of your content’s metadata is set at a later date.

    Ensure that the start-date of your content’s metadata is not set to a later date. Your content will only be visible to users on the date set in that field. If this is the case, please reset the start-date and resubmit your item for re-publishing.

    4) The End-date of your content’s metadata has been set to an earlier date.

    If your content has already been published and suddenly becomes non-visible in the store, this may be due to the published period reaching the End-date set in the metadata. This is likely caused by an expired signing certificate. If this is the case, please resign your application with a new certificate and resubmit your application for republishing.

    If all the above do not apply to your content item, please contact the Nokia Publish support and provide your publisher name and content item name so we can investigate further and restore your content’s visibility.

    You may find other related topics in the support page at http://support.publish.ovi.com/?cat=6.

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