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    Calling a url - html form

    Hello everybody.
    First sorry for my bad english.
    i'm trying to develop a web app, and i don't know how i call a url to get the results from my page stored on my server, please someone can help me ?
    I read the starting guide, but it shows a news app ready, and i'm a beginner in mobile development and some things I could not understand.
    again, sorry for my bad english.


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    Re: Calling a url - html form

    Hi and welcome to forum.

    Your English is just fine, no need to apologize

    Please check the following article. It describes basic usage of a form coupled with a PHP backend (you can use some other server side language as well, if you wish).

    Basically what you have to do is add the form to your web app and substitute action URL with an absolute one pointing to PHP script on your server.
    In the server side you might want to use a database to store the submitted data.


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