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    SDK installation

    Which drive should the SDK be installed?

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    RE: SDK installation

    The SDK must be installed into the root directory of a drive.
    It is recommended to create a clean drive.

    One way to do this is use a substituted drive.

    In practice make a directory and use the subst command to map this to an unused drive letter.
    For example:

    Create a virtual drive with the letter that corresponds to the path c:\SDK. Use command prompt and type
    subst f: c:\SDK . After that the computer treates this virtual (or mapped) drive as a completely separate physical drive.

    The subst command must be re-executed every time after rebooting. This can be automated by
    Inserting the subst command in the autoexec.bat. (Autoexec.bat must be included into the startup folder in Windows NT).

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