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    Hide unwanted Signal status bar

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if there is a line of code for S40 webapps that lets you hide the the Edge/GPRS signal icon in the top left corner of screen?

    Also is there a way to hide the Options and Back baron at the base of the screen,so that my app can be fullscreen?

    Would really be great to kill these things during game play on my new S40 webapp.

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    Re: Hide unwanted Signal status bar


    Currently there's no way to remove those UI elements.


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    Re: Hide unwanted Signal status bar

    Thank you for the info @Petrosoi - I can always count on you for an answer.

    You know to date the answer to every question I have asked about S40 WebApps is 'Currently no way to do this'
    I sure hope that this changes in the not to distant future. S40 WebApps have so much potential but the lack of features and functions is going to kill it even before it starts

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