Hi everybody,

I'm struggling a little bit to figuring out what is the correct bank info I have to provide to Ovi store. I'm from Mexico and I have provided a 9-digits bank code number, which is the one my bank use for international payments e.g. for transfers from the United States (this is a very common transaction in Mexico, so I'm very sure the info my bank provided me is correct for this case). However, OVI support is asking me for a 4-digits bank code and my bank have no idea what code I'm referring to (Actually I have asked in several banks in Mexico and they said they have no any 4-digit code for international payments) .

I have already contacted Ovi support guys for many times, and all that they have to say is "Please ask to your bank for the right 4-digit bank code for international payments", however they don't give me any additional clue.

So please, if somebody out there has worked with Mexican accounts in the past, I would really appreciate any hint or suggestion to get this sorted out? (Perhaps any other publisher from Mexico or any Ovi specialist that have some experience with Mexican accounts.)

Thanks in advance