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    Problem with NOKIA E72

    i ve bought a nokiaE72 just a month ago and we send the phone to technical service four times because of the same problem. while talking the phone you and the person that u were talking hear the same irritating sound just like a signal. the last time when i get the phone from tecnical service which is KVK, Kozyatağı form Turkey, İstanbul, the man said that sometimes we can hear that sound from new telephones when the operator is attracting, and we couldnt persuade those people that the phone has problem. they said that fourth times and i dont want to use this phone with that irritating signal sound. i want this problem solved othervise never buy any nokıa phone again. do me a favaur please

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    Re: Problem with NOKIA E72

    Hi hediye, Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards !!

    Pls note this is Nokia application development Technical discussion boards, end user support discussions are available here http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/


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