Objective: Now we are using Nokia C1-01 handset which is supporting Satsa APDU package(required to connect with sim card) and we are trying to connect with sim card

Issue: but on the Nokia display screen following error message is flashing
"Application access set to not allowed".

Exploration: To Resolve the above issue we explored the below settings regarding the application access on handset:
1. Select the application
2. Press the "options" choice.
3. There is menu having an item App. Access
4. In the "Application access" menu there is an item Data access
5. In the "Data access" menu there is an item Smart Card.
6. In the "Smart Card" menu there is only one option "Not allowed" is enabled, rest of options are disabled and we don't have rights to enable the other options.
Please suggest any solution to resolve this issue, can we change this settings if yes, then how?